MUMM's OSERIT oil drift and fate model interface is a 24/7 accessible support tool for evaluation of an oil spill report by MUMM duty personnel, Coast Guard Centres and other governmental authorities involved in oil pollution response at sea or the follow-up of a (presumed) illegal pollution. The user-friendly interface allows duty personnel of these organizations to automatically obtain a first, quick simulation of the spill drift by entering, at the very least, the spill time and location.

When using the oil model interface, a simulation will be generated in near-real time that contains either (1) a forecasting of the drift (simulation of future trajectory up to 4 days), which can be used to evaluate the possible impact of an oil spill on resources at risk, or (2) a backtracking of the drift (simulation of past trajectory up to 4 days), which may facilitate the identification of the alleged polluter or pollution source – e.g. when combined with AIS data.

OSERIT visualisation tool example

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OSERIT development was funded by the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office (BELSPO) through the contract SD/NS/10A (program "Science for a Sustainable Development").